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Coconut Rum

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We wanted to make a real coconut rum, one which expressed real coconut flavor that lacked an artificial or overly sugary taste, all while doing so at 80 proof. Thus, we give you Thrasher's Coconut Rum.

To create the smooth and coconutty flavor profile that we were after, we impart three different expressions of coconut, using all natural ingredients. First, we steep 60 pounds of raw coconut in our White Rum overnight. Afterwards, we load our botanical basket with 5 pounds of toasted coconut, which is responsible for the light "nuttiness" of the final product. Finally, we steep an additional 5 pounds of dehydrated coconut in the still for 4 days. The extra effort and care for creating the coconut flavor results in a delicate and smooth sip.

We don't add any sweetener after distillation.

How We Enjoy

Most coconut rum is not commonly enjoyed neat, but Thrasher's Coconut is is a flavorful experience that's worth sipping on. 

One of our most popular, non-cocktail, mixed drinks at Tiki TNT is simply Thrasher's Coconut and pineapple juice, finished with ice and served in a highball glass. It's sure to bring that taste of tropical vacation to you.

ABV Content

40% Alcohol by Volume

80 Proof

Flavor Profile

Nose: Obvious coconut with an additionally nutty aroma.

Tongue: Smooth mouthfeel, coconut expressions at both the front and back end.