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Thrasher's Rums

Located in Washington, DC at The Wharf, Potomac Distilling Company is currently producing six different types of rums. (White, Spiced, Green Spiced, Coconut, Gold, and Relaxed).

The process for making all of our rums starts with a 200 gallon blend of equal parts: black strap molasses and raw turbinado sugar.  

We then add yeast, vitamins, and nutrients to the fermenter when the temperature gets to about 90 degrees and let it ferment for 5 days at minimum. 

When fermentation starts, the sugar is around 18 brix and 0 percent alcohol. After 5 days of fermentation, at 6 brix of sugar and 8 percent alcohol, we are ready to distill. (We have 5 fermenters working at all times). 

The distilling process begins with a stripping run exclusively in our pot still, yielding about 40 gallons of rum at 35 percent ABV (alcohol by volume).  

We then collect all of the stripping runs and put them back into the still, at which point we decide which type of rum to make. 

If we are making White, Gold or Spiced Rum we will incorporate the column still where we engage all 4 bubble plates. This will produce around 75 gallons of rum at 155 proof.  The finished rum is placed into a holding tank to rest for 5 days, allowing some of the volatile fumes to work their way out. 

For our Green Spiced or Coconut Rum, we will engage the botanical basket and either stuff it with spices for Green Rum or toasted coconut for Coconut Rum. This produces the same yield but the Rums are now much more aromatic, as all the flavors have infused together. 

These rums will also rest for 5 days, after which we begin the process of proofing down from 155  to 80 proof (40% ABV). The proofing process takes an additional 3 days using a very slow, steady drip from our water filtration system. Once this is completed, we start bottling; 6 bottles at a time, and then hand label and hand wax.

Purchase all our bottles online at Potomac Wine & Spirits, then head to our recipes page to mix up something great (or come by TikiTNT and we'll do the work for you...)

Thrasher’s White Rum

White Rum

Thrasher’s Green Spiced Rum

Green Spiced

Thrasher’s Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum

Thrasher’s Coconut Rum

Coconut Rum

Thrasher’s Gold Rum

Gold Rum

Relaxed Rum

Relaxed Rum