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Relaxed Rum

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Our Relaxed Rum is aged for two years in whiskey barrels and is the highest-proof offering from Thrasher's Rum to-date.

How We Enjoy

The Relaxed Rum is easily enjoyed poured neat or on the rocks to tease out its full flavor profile, yet it also goes exceptionally well with any mixer that blends with a dark spirit. 

Most importantly, we enjoy the Relaxed Rum while we're relaxing because they go hand-in-hand together!

ABV Content

50% Alcohol by Volume

100 Proof

Flavor Profile

Nose: Soft impact on the nose, despite the higher proof point, with notes of molasses and toasted bread following subtle hints of lumber.

Tongue: Gentle caramel and cocoa, with a roasted flavor evolving into tones of mocha. Distinct yet subtle notes of coconut and a distant banana, with a light sweetness highlighting the coconutty presence.