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White Rum

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Thrasher's White Rum is anything but plain and traditional. Sure, it looks like other white rums, but as soon as it's poured out, it brings aroma and flavor to whom ever chooses to enjoy.

It comes from a base of molasses and raw turbinado sugar, which then ferments before it is distilled for the first time in our pot still. Afterwards, it is distilled once more in the column still before resting for our standard period of 5 days.

How We Enjoy

A traditional daquiri is the ideal setting to showcase our White Rum's diverse flavor profile.

ABV Content

40% Alcohol by Volume

80 Proof

Flavor Profile

Nose: Soft citrus on top of a vanilla backbone. After resting in a glass for a short time, some funk and a smoky tone lingers.

Tongue: The rum has a soft and subtle heat which transitions to a rounder feel at the end. Hints of butterscotch and orange peel arrive towards the end, as well.