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Green Spiced Rum

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The first (and currently only) rum of its kind in the world, Thrasher's Green Spiced Rum is a testament to our founder's decades of mixology experience. A little creativity and experimentation may be all you need to find the next masterpiece. 

It is treated with lemon verbena, lemongrass, lemon balm, mint, green cardamom, and lime peels, and becomes unmistakably botanical and herbaceous.

How We Enjoy

We treat the Green Spiced a little bit like an English gin, and as such, our signature Green and Tonic is a go-to pairing.

Or, plug Thrasher's Green into your next Mojito for a taste of tropical paradise, wherever you are in the world!

ABV Content

40% Alcohol by Volume

80 Proof

Flavor Profile

Nose: Herbaceous, floral, and a touch of spice

Tongue: Begins with a grassy tone, and follows through with a fresh and cooling mint effect on the tongue. Carries flavors of cardamom with notes pepper and spice.